Film Projects

In post-production  and completed films:

11062323_410824792428629_5255757542299566639_n    “Kinesthesia” A sensory exploration of a young woman’s struggle to recall a time in her life when she felt pure joy. Unsure if she can trust her memories, she sets out to learn if such happiness ever truly existed…and if it’s possible to feel again.


What Future 2016





What Future” a scifi short about a mother who neglects her family and environment only to be confronted by a time-traveling scientist, returning from the future, to convince her to change her ways.

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Vacillate” Inspired by true events, follows three female dealers on a path of vengeance after one of them is raped during a bad drug deal.



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A side of Peaches and Honey” is about the story of how two waitresses in the 50’s, foiled the Communists to retain vital American secrets.
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“Salton” An uptight grad student reluctantly inherits his grandfather’s property in Salton Sea but when he meets an offbeat local woman, he gets pulled into the sea’s biggest mystery.

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Optioned Scripts:

Intrepid” Two women from different walks of life go on a roadtrip getaway while dealing with illness, but in the process find out what they will ultimately do for one another and their dysfunctional families.

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No Kissing” invites you into the world of the unknown, behind closed doors of a marriage and what a husband and wife will ultimately do to survive financially.